The Avondale Jockey Club has had some wonderful relationships with sponsors over the years and is always looking to build new realationships with those who would like to become involved in the "king of sports".


The Aussie Butcher

10 Margan Ave, New Lynn, Auckland


Auckland Co-Op Taxis

Byerley Park Training Establishment

Avondale Sunday Markets

The Avondale Sunday market has a long and interesting history that dates back nearly thirty years from it’s inception by the local labour party in Avondale in the 1970’s.

No one is sure exactly when it was started but there was a need as the cultural groups moved into Avondale and the surrounding suburbia for a market point to sell fresh vegetables and handy craft.

The market has expanded from the early days of a few stall sites to accommodate between 15,000 to 20,000 visitors in one day.

You will find a strong Polynesian and Asian influence here on a Sunday morning with a huge array of stalls, arts, crafts, products, fresh produce, clothes and so much more.

The markets have a diverse cultural group of visitors and sellers and you can find many hard to get food items and the freshest food out West Auckland all in one location.

Avondale Dental


Crombie Lockwood


Recreational Services

Bruce Amies Pharmacy Ltd

​​Avondale Road, Rosebank, Auckland, Auckland





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