Visiting Us

Fun for Everyone:

Fun for all ages, horse racing provides an interactive experience like no other sport.  Get close to the horses and see jockeys and trainers up close on our track. Gather with your friends or family for a bit of week-day fun at the races. Try us as a destination for your day off.



Members Parking (Elm Street entry)                 

Public Parking (Ash Street entry)


Catering Facilties

Tulloch Cafe - 1st floor, Owners & Trainers Stand - open to the public

Food and Coffee caravans



1st floor, Owners & Trainers Stand - open to the public.


Owners Privileges and Eftpos

Available from the Office, ground floor, Members Stand



An 1800 metre right-handed course, with a 450m straight.

Avondale provides a high quality racing surface as well as training facilities for a number of local trainers.

There are grass, sand, plough and two year old tracks. Horses are not stabled on the site.


course map simple

course map photo


Supporters Club to Enjoy Discounts and Giveaways

You can't lose when you join our supporters club in subscribing for race sponsorship, socialising and function benefits at Avondale. Sign up for our next programme and follow us on Facebook for more information.      


Alcohol Consumption Policy

While at Avondale photo ID may be required for consumption of alcohol.  Must be 18 or older. No liquor to be brought onto track by patrons.


Children's Policy

All children 12 and under on track must be accompanied by an adult at all times.