Community Services

Apart form its core horse racing activites, the Avondale Jickey Club is involved in the Avondale and surrounding communities.

The site provides a home for:

  • Avondale Sunday Markets
  • The All Golds Cosmopolitan Club (www.allgolds.co.nz)
  • Cosmo Darts Club
  • Crusaders Darts
  • Avondale Housie


The key benefit to the community is the array of sports fields made available to the community in the 'in field' as a result of a lease of the land to the Auckland Council.  

The original lease in favour of the local authority was arranged in 1952. It was for 25 years with a right of renewal for a further 25 and provided for 10 fields - 8 for rugby and 2 for soccer. The grounds are generally available for public access after 10.00 am most days.  Horse traning activites restrict public access before that time for safety reasons.

The Avondale Jockey Club aims include 'being part of and being seen to be part of the community' and over the years rugby, soccer, cricket, athletics and local activities such as fairs, festivals, picnics, carnivals, warehouse sales and of course the iconic brandthe "Avondale Sunday Markets" are hosted at the grounds..