About Avondale Jockey Club

The Avondale Jockey Club was formed in 1889 when the Avondale area was a rural farm settlement on the outskirts of Auckland.  Horse racing was known in the district as far back as 1864 when there was racing at Henderson's Mill in Henderson and at Helensville.

The Avondale race track - on the present site - was built on the farm of Moss Davis, 1847 - 1933. Encouraged by the possibility of crowds visiting the racecourse and an increase in population in the district, additional businesses set up in the township.  While the course was being built a billiards saloon, barber's shop, grocer, draper and butcher were set up along from the Avondale Primary School on Great North Road.  

The inaugural meeting took place on Saturday, 26 April 1890, an auspicious day for Avondale.

Many residents volunteered to assist in developing the race course in anticipation of the first race meeting. That first day was a gala occassion and one that was certainly not to be missed by the local residents and businesses in the area.

The original track was flat, nearly a mile long, egg shaped and with a 380 yard straight.  For that first day there was a 'substantial and graceful' grandstand capable of holding 400 people and the associated facilities - a jockeys' room, weighing room, stewards' and ladies' rooms and a bar.

The Avondale racecouse today is an 1800 metre right handed track, situated on the corner of Ash Street and Rosebank Road, Avondale.

Until August 2017 the Club operated training tracks and hosted a number of trainers who used the training facilities, although no horses were stabled at the track. As well as race meetings, trials are held and jumpouts are organised.


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